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Day 4 Covid Gratitudes

July 22, 2020

Four months into this pandemic and most of us are mostly at home most of the time. Whether you live alone or are in a household with family or roommates, we are in very small groups of people, if at all. There is no passing in the hallway, the elevator, or the parking lot. We can’t see each other in conference rooms or in line at the sandwich shop. We are mostly alone. It seems to me that even the introverts I know are missing their regular circle of people.

What I see as a plus is our catch-up conversations are deeper. Not just a superficial “how was your weekend?” or “Hi, how are you?” in the hall. Rather, I have had people call to just check in. Nothing else. No answer to a question. Just making sure I’m okay. I’m observing people checking on Covid health, family members and their Covid health, how our high school senior is doing without a formal end to the year, if our oldest is lonely up at school alone this summer, and on and on. I see people taking extra time to genuinely inquire into wellness of others.

People are aware of loneliness, anxiety and depression; more than I have ever observed in my circle. People are lonely themselves and taking action to reach out to someone they think needs a call, too. I have seen people drop their guard and admit fear for older relatives, concern about not really not knowing what will come tomorrow, and loneliness without the presence of co-workers.

In my field, my colleagues around the city are making “care calls” just to make sure all of our non-profit volunteers, alumni, friends, employees and donors are safe. Does anyone need groceries delivered? Who can use a pick-me-up in the form of a bouquet of flowers or a sweet card? Who just needs to know I care?

I don’t know if this will last. I hope it does. Humanity is better when we take time to genuinely check in with others.

Anyone with a face-to-face type job cannot do their job they way they once did. We are reliant on the phone, the computer and a lot of technology.

Coffee mug, napkin with "Gratitude changes everything", and pen
Gratitude Changes Everything

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