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HEAPS  Consulting


HEAPS® Consulting will help unify your team in the process of changing and growing by closing gaps in knowledge and practice through a proven process and experienced coaching. We bring along the enthusiastic, as well as the reluctant, to help teams learn to embrace their own roles in driving the organization's growth, strategy and future. 

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Board Development

Succession Planning

Organization Structure

Organization Change

Changing Financial Models



Schmucker Advising Group has designed a method for change, specifically designed for boards and for non-profits and their unique needs.  Our HEAPS® Consulting utilizes a five-step process. This interactive and integrated process is used throughout each project to ensure forward progress. With HEAPS® Consulting, we address obstacles and optimize opportunities to help your organization move towards your desired future.

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HEAPS® Consulting provides an intuitive and organized approach to understanding the current environment and what you already know, while allowing you to envision the desired future state. The starting point of the HEAPS® Consulting process is based on what we hear from all of the key constituents. We use this basis to clearly educate teams about the difference between where you are versus where you want to be in the future.

Working together, we develop realistic action plans that will help bridge the team from today, to tomorrow. Once your action plan is developed, we help you determine how to the planned changes into practice ensuring you will ultimately reach success. Finally, to ensure that the team can achieve and maintain the change, we help you put the structure in place to keep the team on track for the long-term.


The focus of HEAPS® Consulting is not on the particular change alone, but working, thinking and approaching the everyday need for change in new and exciting ways.  The details of learning about and converting to a new way of embracing future success will bring a renewed energy and dynamic to your team or organization, and provide a clear, unified path forward for everyone. Schmucker Advising Group’s HEAPS® Consulting will guide you through the process to build a successful team, focused on a cohesive path to the future state of your organization.

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