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Day 3 Covid Gratitudes

July 21, 2020

I started this little endeavor in an effort to find things that have changed a bit, but are okay and could even be better for us in the long term. I also am hoping to make a list of meaningful items, not something like “hooray, no pants!”, or something that is good to many, but some are still hurting, such as “hooray, no commute” which is surely hurting gas stations.

My goal: 5 items. Here I am at Day 3 and I have something not relevant to all, but so meaningful to me that I want to share.

Today’s gratitude is something that not everyone can relate to. I realize that, but I think there are enough people who can at least appreciate it, and someday apply it to their lives. Here it is: Every day is “Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day”. First, let me go on record, I kinda hate those days. I never really brought my kids for the official, orchestrated day. I certainly brought them in on weekends, or picked them up from something and made them sit in my office while I wrapped something up. And, like many parents, I have papers hanging with kiddie handprints in the copy machine. But, we never did the official day.

I’m talking about something more substantive here. We happen to have a high school senior (now college freshman). Our life has been so much easier than anyone working from home while home schooling. I feel for all of you. I do not think I could do it. I’m sure there would be crying. Not saying who.

But for those with high school age children, even middle schoolers who are really in tune with life around them, there is a unique opportunity. At least once a week, we have had a conversation at lunch or dinner about what he has observed in our work day. Not the “gee, your job looks boring” conversation, but the “wow, it seems really stressful” or “why are you on the phone so much” or “what does furlough mean” conversation. We aren’t necessarily talking about what we do for a living, but how we do it, how we feel about it, how hard it is right now, and how to know a good situation from a not so good situation.

Mostly, we are talking about relationships, virtual workplaces, managing teams, making people feel important and connected, and how hard it is to break away from stress when the day is over. Our conversations have been deep. Much deeper than any high school senior probably wants to talk with their parents. But it has been real.

If you don’t have a child this age, you might not be able to relate. But, if you do, or even if you have interns, or college age kids, or grandkids, now is a chance to make deeper meaning about our days and everything in them.

Coffee mug, napkin with "Gratitude changes everything", and pen
Gratitude Changes Everything

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