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Day 2 Covid Gratitudes

July 20, 2020

My career started out in two very serious environments – consulting for one of the big consulting companies and then banking. Blue suits every day. It bled over into real life. I remember being at a Tupperware type party and someone I’d never met before asking me if I was a banker. Wow.

Somewhere along the line, I relaxed, thank goodness, and I’m a pretty WYSIWYG kind of gal. I’m definitely quirky and folks know it. But, not everyone is, and I think most people are afraid to let their real selves show. Spend a little time watching Brene’ Brown and you’ll find out why that is truly important.

What I like about Covid is that we have no choice but to be real. Our dog is going to bark. Our kids are going to cry. My cat sat outside my closed office door meowing so loud that as soon as I took my mic off mute to talk, everyone heard it. Slightly embarrassing, but mostly funny. Let’s face it. We’re stressed. A laugh because someone’s dog just won’t stop barking is just fine. We need to be real. This is as real as it gets.

In the beginning, I saw everyone still wearing jackets on Zoom. Last week, I saw a bunch of t-shirts (not Led Zeppelin or anything) and casual clothes. We are getting more and more used to being fully authentic. It’s okay. I hope we keep this after Covid.

Coffee mug, napkin with "Gratitude changes everything", and pen
Gratitude Changes Everything

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