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Covid Gratitudes: The B List

July 27, 2020

In my effort to come up with 5 substantive items that I can be truly grateful for with the new work world of a pandemic, I had a few that were a little more personal and either don’t apply to everyone or are just a bit ridiculous. Even so, here’s my second tier gratitude list:

  • Destressing is easy when you can take a walk in your neighborhood at lunchtime with your spouse.

  • Lots of stairs in our house makes up a little for less time at the gym. (It, however, does not make up for lost time with my favorite trainer).

  • Every coffee mug in the house is clean. So is the microwave.

  • If I eat too much for lunch, I can go change clothes.

  • Burnout is high in the field of professional fundraisers for all of the nights and weekends we work. That’s not happening much lately, so perhaps this will stick? One can hope.

  • While I miss my audio books, news radio and satellite radio channels, I do like getting to sleep longer due to not needing commute time.

  • If I’m in a real rush for a Zoom call, I only need to fix the front of my hair.

  • My closet full of professional attire is lonely without me, but I do like jeans and shorts every day.

  • Finally, as a recent graduate of a masters program, I can see the pandemic providing case study material in every field for at least the next ten years. Our teenagers will learn all about this in a different way in their undergraduate programs, and graduate students will have plenty of options for research.

Like everyone, I’m anxious for my work life to shift out of the pandemic routines I’ve created, but I do have a few things that make me grateful. I need to keep these in mind on the hard days of Covid ahead.

Coffee mug, napkin with "Gratitude changes everything", and pen
Gratitude Changes Everything

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