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Strengthening teams to help your

organization grow and thrive


Our Mission


Schmucker Advising Group supports individuals, teams, and organizations’ growth through helping them find their strengths, discover their ideal path, and establish plans to make it a reality.

Helping You Grow Stronger

Our consulting practice centers on organizations that need to make significant change of some kind, in processes, leadership models, funding or more, to grow to the next level. With our proprietary organization development and change model, known as HEAPS®, we will work together to assess the current status and needs for the future, identify and plan the changes that need to be made, and provide the education and coaching to implement and evaluate the changes along the way.​

Our Values

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Passion for the Community


Experience You Can Trust

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We facilitate shared, values-based planning processes that gets your entire team on the same page. 

We work with your team to design change and enhance their ability to work together to grow your organization.

A full assessment of operations, people, data, and capability is worth the effort to focus your time effectively and focus your efforts.

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We can provide the training and education to help you grow.

Relationships Matter

The basis of solid organizations is relationships.

Communication and trust are at the center of what we do.

Get to know us and let’s start building our relationship.

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