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Embracing Virtual Events

I don’t know about you, but I’m over the word “pivot”. I prefer “adaptability”. It is a skill we all need, all the time. While we have all had to adapt, probably every day, for the pandemic, there are some amazing things going on that I know I’d like to see stay.

For example, I live at least 90 miles away from all of our wonderful nieces and nephews. With our own schedules having been full pre-pandemic, we were lucky to get to see one event for each child per year. It was a minimum 3-hour commitment just to get there and back. So, we miss out on seeing them grow and mature within their hobbies and activities. Well, last weekend, I sat at home and watched my two nieces perform four dances each in their first competition of the year. Thanks to live-streaming and a great sister-in-law, my husband and I sat and sniffled a little during their fantastic performances right where we were (ie. 90+ miles away). I want to keep doing that. Then, I can see more than one a year!

For my introverted son, the online 2020 graduation party for him lasted a few weeks on Facebook, and he did not die from too many hugs. Instead, he had fun hearing the guests' answers to my quiz questions, choosing prize winners and engaging with his parents’ cousins whose names he might not have remembered before. Our family and friends even spent some quality time photographing themselves with Flat Grad Nick which delighted everyone. Now Nick and our loved ones know so much more about each other. It was a tremendous hit. And those same relatives did not have to drive three hours round trip to participate.

I have "attended" many re-imagined events for non-profits this year, and seen so much creativity come about from our forced adaptability. It got me to thinking…just like the live-streaming dance competition and the online graduation party, there must be some great ideas and results coming out of this that we, as a non-profit community, want to keep even after post-pandemic life.

I’ve created a short survey to get your insights. I promise to loop back and share what I’ve learned from all of you. Perhaps we can all benefit from the adaptability of others and apply these learnings to post-pandemic life.

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